3 steps of the thermal cycle

The ritual of the thermal cycle consists of alternating between hot and cold, and continuing with a period of rest until reaching the deep relaxation.

It is a passive exercise to integrate into your lifestyle to improve your physical and mental health, and thus contribute to your well-being.

To benefit the most, it is recommended to repeat the thermal cycle at least three times.

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Group of three in the dry sauna
The benefits of heat:
  • Eliminating Toxins and Stimulating the Immune System
  • Increase the internal temperature of the body.

This step runs in the sauna of your choice for a duration of about 10 to 15 minutes. As the body temperature rises gradually, the pores of the skin open and sweat is secreted. The toxins are then expelled from the body and the immune system is stimulated.

Our heat options:
  • Dry Sauna - Silence
  • Steam Sauna  - Silence
The outdoor cold pool
Benefits of cold:
  • Release Adrenaline
  • Create a thermal shock and decrease the internal temperature of the body

This is the most surprising step of the cycle. A dose of courage is required, but to try it is to adopt it because the invigorating sensation of it is indescribable. Cold water stimulates the cardiovascular system, improves the appearance of the skin and prepares the body for relaxation.

Our cold options:
  • Suspended buckets
  • The outdoor cold pool
  • In winter, why not use the snow on the site to cool off
  • Walking outside also helps cool the body
Woman relaxing in a hammock
Benefits of relaxation:
  • A profound sense of calm penetrates your entire being
  • Restore body temperature, restore heart rate and respiratory balance

A rest period in a calm environment allows the body to recover from thermal shock. It is at this moment that you feel all the benefits of the thermal experience, a feeling of well-being unequaled!

Our relaxation options:
  • Interior relaxation area - Silence
  • Exterior relaxation areas - Low voice
  • Usva Café - Low voice