Length : 30 minutes
Price : $40
A perfect addition to the thermal experience, the Neurospa is a sensory, visual and auditory experience designed for maximum relaxation. Lay back comfortably and let your body melt into the Neurospa chair as you enjoy the relaxing sounds and music, the vibrations on the back of the chair and the variety of colours projected above your head. Disconnect like never before in this relaxing 30-minute session that is equivalent to 3 hours of deep sleep. 

The Neurospa allows you to leave your stress behind you, to relax your body and mind, and will help energize you for the rest of the day.  
Though it is a very beneficial service, it is important to note that is it not recommended for:
  • Pregnancy (first trimester);
  • People who have a pace maker.
Note: This service can be reserved for 1 or 2 people at the same time, in the same room.
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