Let our natural beauty treatments be part of your routine as the seasons change. These services help rejuvenate skin cells, giving them that extra boost required to face external aggressions such as pollution, sun rays, wind, the cold, and more.

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Specifically designed for the needs of men's skin, our Facial for Him is suitable for both bearded and closely shaved men. This personalized treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, massaging of the scalp and hydration of the facial skin. It also includes the use of an innovative technology whose main purpose is to purify the skin, kill bacteria, stimulate blood circulation and ensure healthy hair and beard growth (by limiting ingrown hairs). 

A complete treatment that provides a feeling of deep and immediate wellness: you’ll look relaxed, rested and totally reboosted. 

In both men and women, the first signs aging start to appear around the age of 25. Skin becomes thinner and starts to lose elasticity. At this point, wrinkles and fine lines begin to show up. Fortunately, Endermology works to reverse the effects of time.

Bearded or closely shaved men can come to Usva to discover a unique facial that uses the only 100% natural technology that slows the progress of aging skin and improves its health and vitality.

You will notice your skin becoming softer, and your skin tone becoming noticeably clearer as early as your first treatment.

Given that your feet are always enclosed during the winter and then exposed to the elements during the summer, they are in need of some down time. The Natural Foot Treatment for Him has many benefits, leaving you with soft, nourished skin, all the while enjoying a unique experience.

This treatment includes a foot soak, an exfoliation, nail cleaning (with a nail trim and nail filing), as well as work on calluses. All of this will be followed by a foot massage and a hydrating paraffin foot wrap.

(This treatment does not include nail polish application.)