Enjoy a moment of unparalleled relaxation by receiving a delightful body treatment that will restore radiance and health to your skin.
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Our relaxation massage aims to offer you a break from the stresses of everyday life. The treatment involves:

  • A deeply relaxing and gentle pressure
  • A soothing treatment with no medical purpose
  • A comforting atmosphere - soothing music, warm towels and essential oils to contribute to your well-being and enhance the effects of massage
  • Relaxation massages are performed by our highly qualified aestheticians
  • No insurance receipt will be provided for this service
Enjoy a full body exfoliation followed by a period of relaxation. This treatment, using the Renaissance glove, will promote your blood circulation, remove impurities from your skin, and brighten your complexion. Following your exfoliation, you will be wrapped in warm towels infused with relaxing oils, promoting regeneration and deep tissue hydration. The Renaissance glove used during your session will be offered to you to continue your wellness journey at home.
The perfect combination of facial and relaxation massage is here. Focusing specifically on the face, the arms, and the hands, our Upper Body Treatment will immerse you in a world of pure bliss. This particularly relaxing service works to eliminate fatigue and tension, leading to a stress-free state of mind.