Whether you are looking for a relaxation or a therapeutic massage, Usva will meet your needs and expectations.

All our massage therapists are members in good standing of a professional association in New Brunswick and can issue receipts for your insurance or tax returns.

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A massage tailored to your needs! Ask for a full body massage or specific areas, add some aromatherapy, hot towels and adjust pressure. You decide!
A massage aimed at solving specific medical issues, help with range of motion and more.
If you want to fix a sports injury, to prepare for a competition or even maintenance massage for athletes \ gym and you are looking to increase range of motion/ flexibility, reduce pain from physical activity, this is your treatment!
Our prenatal massages include well-targeted techniques that will meet the specific relaxation needs of the future mother and baby!

Our specialized coussins are designed to bring comfort throughout all stages of pregnancy.

Prenatal massages are not recommended during the first 3 months of pregnancy.