Thermal experience

Day Pass $55+tx
Bathrobe Rental  $10+tx

Family days

1 Parent + 1 Child day pass $55+tx
Additionnal child day pass  $17+tx
Additionnal parent day pass $38+tx

For more details on family days, please click here.

Our Services

Wellness services (60min)
Restorative Yin Yoga*  $85+tx (private session 1 to 4 guests)
Energizing Slow Flow* $85+tx (private session 1 to 4 guests)
Guided Relaxation*  $85+tx (private session 1 to 4 guests)

*These services are also offered as group classes (see below for details on "Our Classes")
Natural Beauty Facial Treatments (60min)
Usva Facial $115+tx
Plant Peel Facial  $135+tx
Endermology Facial $175+tx

Natural Beauty Body Treatments (60min)

Full Body Exfoliation  $110+tx
Relaxation Massage  $89+tx (no insurance receipt)

Our Classes

Wellness group classes (45 to 60min)
Yoga mats are provided (or bring your own)

Restorative Yin Yoga  $15+tx
Energizing Slow Flow $15+tx
Guided Relaxation  $15+tx

Our Packages

Enjoy 25% off your thermal experience day pass when booking for a service.

Get a discount on classes when staying for the thermal experience ($12 instead of $15) 

Usva Promotional Items

Usva Reusable Water Bottle $20+tx
Usva Tote Bag - black or gray  $8+tx
Usva Bathrobe $99+tx
Usva sandals  $10+tx